She won’t screw up the family active by dating their foster-brother

The latest occurrence ends up with Callie and Jude’s father showing up and you can informing them which he wants them however, that he is signing away their legal rights

Meanwhile, Stef and you can Lena try interviewing Timothy off their child’s university who’s offering his functions to contribute their sperm so you’re able to Lena thus she will be able to become pregnant. Lena appears to be most up to speed with this particular choice be moving straight back, she actually is approached of the Zac’s mom who attracts the woman out to food.but it looks like Stef has some inquiries in the event she consents. Stef after that leaves the school to go over to Mike’s domestic in order to chastise your to own grounding Brandon in place of talking to her first. She reminds your one she still has infant custody and requirements in order to become consulted constantly. The scene next shifts so you can Callie who’s referring to this lady attitude about the lady dad because of the talking-to certainly the girl family you to definitely she understood within the teenager detention. . After, Timothy the latest professor that is giving Stef and Lena their cum gets to our house so you can masturbate towards cup incase he is doing the task, Jesus sees your leave the toilet and you may wonders what exactly is going with the. Lena and you will Stef after that tell men one to nights regarding their arrangements to own an infant without drugs. Whenever questioned why he says because was the new sincere material doing, which he might never ever provide for them the way Stef and you can Lena has actually. Referring to where in actuality the occurrence concludes which have Callie and Jude to be able to getting technically then followed by Stef and you may Lena.

Stef while doing so takes the news headlines very well, after Lena comes home and you will informs the lady new located Reno hookup sites recommendations

Lena and you may Zac’s mom is counting ballots for the cold weather queen and you will queen. Lena upcoming visits Brandon and you will tells him to inquire of Callie to moving and so the dominant will find she is playing. Jesus tries conversing with this lady they are delivering mathematics help out of, but she sees thanks to his erratic decisions instead of his meds and you may she walks away. Brandon requires Callie so you’re able to moving, and they moving. At the same time back into the restroom there are children alcohol consumption illegally. Marianna and Zach is moving when Zach’s mom incisions into moving that have Zach. She accuses Zach regarding banging Marianna in advance of powering regarding. Brand new episode after that shifts back to Brandon and you may Callie who claims she’s sick of getting evaluated by the men. He agrees but it is while the they are enraged one to she failed to to meet him the other day. It talk about being with her, but she really wants a family; and, when she actually is then followed by the Lena and you will Stef, theoretically Callie and you can Brandon will be aunt and you may sis. Then informs the lady to inform him something you should build him over come the girl. She informs him when she and Wyatt went aside along with her, which they slept along with her.

Stef allows Lena understand the fresh new get back out-of Brandon. They then speak about Brandon’s you can discipline regarding university (concerning fake We.Ds). Expulsion is obviously up for grabs to have B. Similarly to Brandon, Callie consist with the steps hearing everything you, maybe blaming by herself having Brandon’s procedures.Lena is visible conference Timothy later on, very he is able to sign the fresh donor agreement files. But unfortunately having Lena, it appears that Tim is actually reconsidering their promote. He explains so you can this lady which he simply cannot imagine its are a kid that he assisted create call at the world…but really he can’t have section of one. It simply leaves Lena devastated. Lena teaches you one to she had bloodstream work and you will tests done before upcoming house in order to verify she actually already expecting. But after they still chat, Stef’s real feelings her or him expecting come-out. Lena, being unsure of what you should operate draws new vintage silent treatment this lady wife’s way and exit’s the kitchen.

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